Don't fall for the heated seats!

So, we bought a car last week. We’re heading up to Oregon to see family for the holiday and wanted to find something a little nicer with All-Wheel-Drive to handle the weather. It’s got some nice safety features. Blind spot lets you know if you’re not in the center of your lane...a back-up camera…it's pretty nice. But if all those cool features worked perfectly but the car didn’t start? That’d be a pretty crappy car. Right?

It's Time To Feel Good Again

This has been a heck of a year but isn’t it time to do something that helps you feel more like you? You know the toll the last seven months has taken both mentally and physically. Everyone has felt it and it’s been hard finding a way out. You feel down, which leads to being less active, which leads to aches and pains which leads to feeling down. Does this sound familiar? It’s tough fighting your way out of this cycle. It’s difficult even doing things you know are good for you. It feels like y